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Childlike interaction inspired my 'PLAY' collections. My concept was to invite the wearer to take an active role in the pieces, believing that tactile engagement creates a stronger connection between user and object. The designs have a post-modern aesthetic with vibrant colour and geometric form, screaming out for fun engagement. There are various opportunities for interaction from drawing with crayon to weaving through a maze.

I aim to create a moment of joy and intrigue.


Roll the neon ball bearings through the sandblasted acrylic maze to play the classic 'pass the time' game. 


Make your mark with the crayon series. The designs feature molded crayon forms and clear resin with floating crayon shards. These pieces allow the user to express their personality through marks and drawings that alter the crayon shape with each users experience. Some pieces also feature a tap and die mechanism, asking the wearer to alter colours depending on style and mood.


This series recreates traditional games and activities enjoyed during youth. The extremely tactile experience creates a bond between wearer and object. 



A series of brooches, one flocked, one powder coated and the other crayon. All contain steel to attach via a magnet through clothing. 

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